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About Root Pods

What is a Root Pod?

A Root Pod is an easy to use, re-usable, plant cloner. This affordable device can pay for itself after just one use. Root Pods have improved a method known as air layering. Now, this once-difficult process has become simplified, saving time and giving consistent results.    


The Root Pod has four foam inserts that gently contour the stem of the plant. This feature not only secures the Root Pod to the desired plant, but also serves as a moisture barrier, helping to control the air layering process.

Using Root Pods is easy, here are some of the basic steps:

  • Fill a Root Pod with moist peat moss.
  • Prepare the desired plant you wish to clone and apply RP Cloning Gel.
  • Clamp the Root Pod onto the desired plant and wait for roots.
  • Once roots are established, cut the branch off of the mother plant and transplant the clone.
  • Repeat this process and re-use the Root Pod to make more plants!

Speed of root growth will vary from plant to plant.  


Prototypes and development

of Root Pods

In 2014, Ben Logan, the creator of Root Pods, fell in love with the age old method of air layering. Frustrated with the inconsistent results and constant juggling of plastic baggies, duck tape and zip ties, he began to look for a better way. Utilizing CAD and a 3D printer Ben started testing his prototype, Root Pods, constantly improving and changing the design until the prototype pods began to resemble the production Root Pods we have today.   

 3D printed prototype Root Pods

In early 2018 Root Pods were successfully funded on the crowdfunding website Root Pods exceeded its funding goal by 700% during the campaign. With the pre-sales from Kickstarter, Root pods acquired their first production tool for injection molding. Since then Root Pods have sold thousands of Pods.

The first injection molded Root Pod  


The development of RP Cloning Gel

Root Pods wanted to offer a strong rooting gel, but did not want to use the harsh chemical products offered on the market. Using ingredients that work, and are naturally of this earth, RP cloning gel was born out of necessity. 

RP Cloning Gel

Root Pods are made in the USA!

Yup, Root Pods are made right here in the good old USA! In fact, Root Pods are manufactured in Ben's very own garage, along with a number of other products and creations, of Ben's. For more information see